A Personal Effectiveness toolkit for the digital era

An integrated platform of specialized software, training, support and accountability, all designed to help you organize, prioritize, and focus on what matters

Finally, software that gets how crazy your life is.

Practical solutions for work in the context of life

Defeat Burnout Before it Defeats You

120,000 people die from workplace related stress every year in the US alone, and recent studies suggest that 9 out of 10 of us are on the path to burnout. The time is now for dedicated services that practically help you get the most out of your work.

Move Beyond Mindset Training

Mindset training can be a great tool to help you cope with the demands of the modern workplace, but doesn't address the specific steps needed to excel in an always on, unstructured, ambiguous digital world. BillionMinds moves beyond mindset training to give you practical tools to not just survive, but thrive in the workplace and in life.

Boost day to day engagement

Get the skills to start every day confident, and end it satisfied

Technology built for flexibility has succeeded in making our days more complex and difficult to navigate. We can help.

BillionMinds helps you clear your mind, organize your
thoughts and ideas, balance your day job with the rest of your
life, and end each day knowing you accomplished the things
that truly matter.

Improve Collaboration

Thrive in a team setting, even if your office is the planet

Working in a team is no longer just about sharing an office. Effective collaboration requires you to identify the people who share your objectives and maintain your relationships with them.

BillionMinds gives you the skills and tools to collaborate optimally across geographical and organizational boundaries.

Reach your Goals

Make tangible progress each day towards your future state

A sea of tasks can often distracts you from chasing something bigger, but the big picture is what helps you stay engaged and motivated every day.

BillionMinds helps you identify goals months or even years away, build a concrete plan to get there, and track your progress along the way.

BillionMinds gives you:

Specialized Personal Effectiveness Software

Life is not a set of to-do lists. BillionMinds software provides you with a complete picture of your life, from day job to side hustle to family commitments and uses behavioral science to help you optimize it.

World Class Personal Effectiveness Training

BillionMinds takes over 40 years of research into the techniques of the most personally effective, and combines it with the latest learnings from behavioral economics and clinical psychology to help you be more effective every day, delivered according to your own schedule.

Personal Support and Accountability

Being personally effective is to maximize your human potential, and you need real human beings to help you do it. Our coaching network provides you with the right accountability and support you need to make sure you can sustain and grow your level of personal effectiveness.

BillionMinds was born out of a deep frustration with so-called productivity apps, that do nothing to help us navigate each day effectively.

Our mission is to help a BILLION people excel in the digital era.

We understand that if you are going to be sustainably personally effective, you must know what to do, know how to do it AND have the time and energy to do it right. Our approach is drawn from productivity best practices, behavioral science and innovative life hacks. We nudge you towards being more effective, more motivated and less stressed from the moment you begin your journey with us.

Get Proven Results. Guaranteed.

Take Back Control. Now.

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