Upskilling Employees for Remote Work

Turn Remote and Hybrid Work Environments into a Competitive Advantage

Are your employees thriving or just surviving?


🙁 struggle to switch off from work


👊 say job demands have increased


🤕 have difficulty prioritizing


😭 struggle to balance home and work life

If you want to make remote work ACTUALLY work, watch this

Skills to make your people and business succeed

Your Employees

Get more done in less time

Improve their work / life balance

Engage more effectively at work

Your Teams

Collaborate better

Optimize synchronous and asynchronous work

Hold fewer, better meetings

You Organization

Improves culture

Increases trust

Reduces employee absenteeism and turnover

No skill level or training prerequisites required

🤓 Self-paced Learn/Do experience rapidly embed skills and leads to certification
⛱ Skills can be used inside and outside of work
🍿 Consumer-grade experience makes it approachable, fun & entertaining


Reach and sustain higher levels of daily effectiveness through behavior change

Employee Skills Development

Best for individual employees



Per Month per employee

Remote Work Professional Certification

Micro-learning videos


Practice environment to embed skills

Skills Workouts

1:1 coaching option

Group coaching option

Monthly sponsor reports

Kick-off webinar

Internal comms pack

Manager Skills Development

Best for Team Leaders



Per Month per manager

Remote Work Manager Certification

Micro-learning videos

Remote Work Planner

Practice environment to embed skills

Skills Workouts

1:1 coaching option

Group coaching option

Monthly sponsor reports

Kick-off webinar

Internal comms pack

Bespoke Enterprise Offering

For organizations with specific requirements



Designed for the needs of your company

Certification of employees and managers

Micro-learning videos

Remote Work Manager Option

Tool for Daily Optimization

Skills for Workouts

1:1 coaching

Group coaching

Monthly sponsor reports

Kick-off webinar

Internal comms pack

Questions Asked

How long does it take to see results?

Like any skills development program, a lot depends on what you put into it, but if employees practice for 10 minutes each day, they will be ready to pass our Fundamentals of Remote Work certification within 2 weeks, and the Remote Work Professional or Manager certification inside 3 months

How do employees measure success?

We aren’t just helping employees get a theoretical understanding, we are embedding new behaviors. Our unique Learn/Do environment validates that employees understand your skills and can apply them appropriately. That gives them the feedback they need to be sure they are ready for the exam.

How easy is this to roll out?

Super simple. Individuals can just sign up for a 21-day free trial and get going. If you have a team of people to bring on board, just get on a quick call with us, and we’ll have the team set up in no time. It’s all web based, so there is zero software to roll out.

I want to get the certification faster, can I do that?

The certifications are challenging, but we do offer accelerated packages with study guides and support from a BillionMinds coach that can be helpful if you needy our employees or managers to get there in less than 3 months. For more details see Certification.

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