Create Clarity from the Chaos of Everyday Life

Finally, software that gets how crazy your life is.

Finally, software that gets how crazy your life is.

Start Your Day Confident,
End it Satisfied

Stop trying to manage your day in
your head.
One of the leading causes of stress is trying to hold too much in your head—and your productivity app is probably not helping. BillionMinds helps you to clear your mind, organize your thoughts and ideas, balance your day job with the rest of your life, and end each day knowing you accomplished the things that truly matter.

Build a Community
Around Your Objectives

Surround yourself with people who will help
you reach your goals.

Having a network is great, but the people who will
really make a difference are those who share your
goals and are actively working toward them.

​BillionMinds helps you identify the people who can
meaningfully contribute to your objectives, maintain
relationships with them, and help you fulfill your
commitments to them.

Dream Big, Get to Work

Yes, your BIG DREAMs can be actionable too.

Don’t let a sea of tasks distract you from chasing something
bigger. Drifting through life is fine, but if you want to do big
things, you must not only dream them, but break them down
into tangible, achievable outcomes.

BillionMinds helps you identify goals months or even years
away, build a concrete plan to get there, and track your
progress along the way.

BillionMinds helps you

Get Your Day In Order

Effectively manage the
onslaught of incoming
information, change context
effortlessly, and switch off with
confidence at the end of
the day

Put your network to work

Connect your work to the work of others, find the right people to help - wherever they are - and give your connections context across your whole life.

Control your destiny

Define a future you, and create measurable outcomes that will help you get there. Connect your short-term actions to personal and work objectives weeks, months or even years away.

Does you productivity software actually make you more effective?

Ours does

You shouldn’t have to be a productivity expert to be productive. In fact, you shouldn’t even have to worry about it. That SHOULD be the whole point of using productivity software. But most software out there just presents you with a bunch of work, packaged up for you in an interesting way. It’s all centered on the work itself, and it’s up to you to figure out how to get it all done.

​BillionMinds is fundamentally different. We understand that if you are going to be personally effective, you must know what to do, know how to do it AND have the time and energy to do it right. Our approach is drawn from productivity best practices, behavioral science and innovative life hacks. We nudge you towards being more effective, more motivated and less stressed from the moment you log in.

Great is Just the Beginning

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