Work From (Almost) Anywhere Test

How it started

Like so many companies around the world, Evernote sent all of its employees home in March 2020 and, more than a year later, the Notable Herd (as we affectionately call ourselves) is still working from home. By and large, it’s going well. We’ve released new clients for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android; brand-new features such as Home; and we’re continuing to work on the next generation of Evernote apps—all while 100% remote.

This leap into the unknown has been so successful, in fact, that we’ve decided to embrace—permanently—parts of the remote work experience that have proven effective for us.

How it’s going

As the weeks of pandemic lockdown turned into months, some of the Herd told us they were interested in relocating to other parts of the country. For some, it meant the opportunity to move closer to extended families—for help with childcare or to care for a loved one. For others, it enabled them to enjoy a lower cost of living, or simply a change of pace. Rather than discourage this, we understood and supported their desire for more flexibility. Now, with more than a year of experience, we can see the many benefits of remote work, even in a post-pandemic world. That’s why we’ve decided to embrace the change with these initiatives: 

Work from (Almost) Anywhere

Work from (Almost) Anywhere is a new Evernote program where U.S. employees can opt to work from just about anywhere in the country, whether or not we have a physical office nearby. Not only does this give current employees the freedom to continue their careers with Evernote independently of where they choose to live, it allows us to recruit the best candidates for any role from anywhere. Right now, we have 30 positions we’re actively looking to fill, including 20 in Engineering. Work from (Almost) Anywhere opens up the hiring pool, giving us a better chance of finding exactly the right person for each one.

For now, this program is only available in the U.S., but we’ll soon roll out a similar program for our Chile-based Herd.

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